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Kelly Phillips Bookamer is a poet, picture book author and elementary special education teacher. She is a 2020 Stony Brook Southampton Children’s Lit Fellow and a member of SCBWI and 12×12.

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Dorothy thought she would go next; so she took Toto in her arms and climbed on the Lion’s back, holding tightly to his mane with one hand. The next moment it seemed as if she were flying through the air; and then, before she had time to think about it, she was safe on the other side.

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So he sprang into the water, and the Tin Woodman caught fast hold of his tail. Then the Lion began to swim with all his might toward the shore. It was hard work, although he was so big; but by and by they were drawn out of the current, and then Dorothy took the Tin Woodman's long pole and helped push the raft to the land.

Cheshire Cat

So, when they were rested, Dorothy picked up her basket and they started along the grassy bank, to the road from which the river had carried them. It was a lovely country, with plenty of flowers and fruit trees and sunshine to cheer them, and had they not felt so sorry for the poor Scarecrow, they could have been very happy.

White Hare

The Lion and the Woodman both shook their heads, for they did not know. So they sat down upon the bank and gazed wistfully at the Scarecrow until a Stork flew by, who, upon seeing them, stopped to rest at the water's edge.

Rebecca Collins

Rebecca Collins is a short story author, novelist, and award-winning poet.

She has work appearing or forthcoming in over a dozen venues, including Buzzy Mag, The Spirit of Poe, and the British Fantasy Society journal Dark Horizons. Rebecca is also CEO of a company, specializing in custom book publishing and social media marketing services, have created a community for authors to learn and connect.

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She was a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2008. She spoke about how she changed her life using the Law of Attraction after reading Rhonda Byrne’s book The Secret.


Authors of picture books have a big responsibility. We must create books that foster a growth mindset and allow children to view the world as a friendly, loving place filled with opportunities for failure, growth, change and ultimately, greatness.


Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, her poem “A Bright, Sunny Day” was published in the syndicated Dear Abby column in newspapers across the country.

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